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Tennessee Spine and Nerve Institute is a certified pain management clinic and adheres to the established laws governing pain management clinics in the state of Tennessee. Our goal is to assist patients in reducing their acute or chronic pain in order to enable them to reduce or cease taking pain medication and to improve their quality of life. Our recommendations are made after our providers have obtained a thorough history, performed orthopedic and neurological examinations and reviewed whatever diagnostic studies they choose to order. Having an Internist, Family Physician, two Anesthesiologists, a consulting Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, two Chiropractors, an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner and a Physician's Assistants allows Tennessee Spine and Nerve Institute to offer individualized care at one location. Our relationship with other health care providers also enables us to make appropriate referrals when necessary.

Neuropathy Center

What is Peripheral Neuropathy? Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition in which the smaller nerves (the nerves that branch-off from your spinal cord and brain) of your body are damaged or not working correctly. There are close to Therese hundred causes of neuropathy and approximately 21 million Americans are affected by peripheral neuropathy. Diabetes has been and still remains the leading cause of peripheral neuropathy; however 60-70% of all the causes of neuropathy are not related to Diabetes. Peripheral Neuropathy is a progressive three of the nerves that worsens with time. Evaluation At Tennessee Spine and Nerve Institute we are very detailed when it comes to a patient’s health.  There are times when a patient has been told or just thinks, they have Neuropathy and they don’t.  The good news is there is a great chance we treat what the patient really has.   It is for this reason all patient’s go through an evaluation in our office in order for our providers to determine if you would be a candidate for our unique Neuropathy treatment.  We review any records the patient may have regarding their complaint and a thorough examination is performed.  In some cases x-rays are done and other tests such as an Electromyelograph or Nerve Conduction Study may be ordered.  Once it has been determined the patient is a good candidate the treatment protocol is explained and all questions are answered. Treatment  We treat you with the least invasive most effective therapy available.  Our goal is the successful management of your acute(short term) and chronic(long term) pain resulting from Neuropathy.  We successfully treat Neuropathy with a combination of ankle nerve blocks and electronic signal therapy produced by a proprietary piece of equipment, over the course of one to two months.  This procedure is called CET (Combination Electroanalgesia Therapy)  This is not a TENS Unit and we do not use any of the Neuropathy medications out there.  CET is showing tremendous results in the relief of neuropathy symptoms and has positive overall long-term benefits, without regression of neuropathy symptoms, in over 87 percent of patients treated.  Benefits Reducing the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy without medication-  Recent study showed that patients had an 87% reduction of their painful neuropathy symptoms Possibility of restoring some damaged nerve tissue and decreasing the progression of peripheral neuropathy-Patients evaluated one year post treatment remained symptom free     

New Patient Process

At Tennessee Spine and Nerve Institute we want to make your experience as comfortable and smooth as possible. Although every patient's experience will be slightly different, the following is what a new patient can expect on their first visit.

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